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Valor $ 99
Descuento 61%
Ahorros $ 60

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La Letra Pequeña

- Package Includes the following accessories: 1 Therapy Machine, 8 Electrostimulation Pads, 2 Pads Cables, 1 usb cable for power with its charger and Manual.
-You will receive the product between 5 to 8 business days after making your payment.
---Product Details: 110 volt machine or you can use AAA batteries, the machine has dual channel you can place 2 cables and 4 electrodes each to cover additional areas of the body, it has 15 intensity levels and 8 modes of use ( acupuncture, pain, massage, manipulation, weight reduction, immunotherapy and more).
-*Forwarding for providing the wrong address carries an additional cost
-1 Gozagoza for 1 package
-BEWARE: Please verify all shipping information.
-For shipping: United States
--This offer does not apply to customers from Puerto Rico, please visit the market section to see the products available for Puerto Rico.
-One GozaGoza per person and several to give away
-Not valid with other offers
Guarantee: Only for US customers (Do not apply for US territories like Puerto Rico and virgin islands) 10 days for damages from the date of receipt, it must not have scratches or blows (it must be returned in its original packaging with manual and all the cables included).
- To claim the guarantee of the machine, it will not be accepted with blows or scratches)
---The shipping payment will not be refunded.
-- For claims you can write to: servicio@gozagoza.com
-To verify your coupon # you must enter your GozaGoza account, where it says Coupons) The receipt that comes to your email is not the coupon.
- The photo shown is for representative use of the product, it does not show the original size of the product.
--- People with pacemakers or any health condition should consult their doctor before buying this product.
-- Gozagoza terms and conditions apply:
**This is a promotion, any guarantee of the product offered is with the provider of the offer.


  • -For questions you can contact (787) 661-7836 or
  • -To find your coupon, enter your Gozagoza account.
  • - Goodbye Pain!
  • - Acquire the famous machine that will relieve your pain through electric massage. This portable massage machine improves circulation, soothes pain and accelerates metabolism.
  • With its four patches you will feel relief in the placed areas.
  • - This GozaGoza includes:
  • --- 8 Electrostimulation Pads
  • --- 1 Portable Pain Machine
  • --- 2 Cables for Pads
  • ---- USB cable and charger
  • ---------Manual
  • ----- Doubts to get your coupon or other common questions visit our Frequently Asked Questions section. Get to know our Return Policy


This machine is perfect for: Toning muscles and relieving muscle pain.
By using the low frequency tuning electric pulse, you will have the true sensation of acupuncture, stroking, manipulation, and massage. Electronic pulses stimulate acupuncture pressure points and improve blood flow, relieve back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain.
Help relax from stress, eliminate muscle tension and fatigue, say goodbye to pain and receive a massage anywhere. This Gozagoza brings you a light and portable massage machine for pain, which is easy to take everywhere, light and very comfortable, it can be used with electricity or batteries.
By getting this offer you will be getting health for your life. You will help to relieve Stiff Shoulder, Nerve Paralysis, Neuralgia, Cervical Neck Vertebra Pain, High Blood Pressure, Weak Sexual Ability, Insufficient Energy, Toothache, Colds, Irregular Menstruation, headache etc.
Live more fully. Get this portable machine to relieve the different parts of the body. You will feel that with each press you will say goodbye to the pain of every day.
Enjoy the perfect gift for yourself, for mom, dad or anyone in the family.
Get your GozaGoza now!
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